Mission & Approach

Our mission


  • Enrich Thessaloniki’s public life and encourage forward-thinking leadership.
  •  Offer a broader perspective, while further connecting the city with its wider region.
  • Promote a greater understanding of new policy challenges, while fostering research and collective action in support of public policy innovation.
  • Bridge theory and science with practice and action in politics.
  • Nourish interest in public and community service.

Our  values


  • We believe that public policy should be informed by scientific research and judged by results.
  • We espouse a liberal vision that acknowledges the benefits of unbiased and constructive dialogue, respecting different points of view.
  • We appreciate Thessaloniki’s multi-cultural past with an eye to accommodating its multi-ethnic present within a globalizing world.
  • We strongly support international cooperation and inter-cultural understanding.
  • We believe that a critical evaluation should be coupled with realizable proposals for action and that non-state actors, such as market and civil society forces, have an important contribution to make in the policy debate.

Our approach


  • Sponsor research and publishing on pressing policy challenges, such as migration or Balkan cooperation.
  • Organize public events, conferences, seminars, cultural activities and film screenings.
  • Evaluate policy initiatives at the local, national, and international level.
  • Host the International Olympia Summer Academy.
  • Partner with foreign and national institutions in support of joint action.
  • Train professionals on public policy, including negotiations and leadership.
  • Offer internships to qualified students.
  • Develop a dynamic website and internet presence.