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International Creative Writing Summer School 2015

In partnership with the Kingston Writing School and Kingston University, we’re pleased to announce the courses that comprise our third annual International Creative Writing Summer School in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The Summer School provides opportunities for writers from across the world to develop their critical and analytical skills, enhance their writing abilities, and work intensely in an inspiring and creative environment with experienced writers associated with the Kingston Writing School, Kingston University, London. Among the writers and professors who have taught at the Summer School in the past are: Rachel CuskPaul BaileyJames MillerNorma Clarke and Maurice Walsh.

This year, the Summer School has broadened and enriched its programme and offers students the opportunity to practise writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scriptwriting and suspense writing under the supervision and guidance of highly accomplished writers. Students may choose from three two-week courses and four one-week courses in Athens, and four one-week courses in Thessaloniki. Workshops in each course will be scheduled from Monday to Friday between 18.30 and 21.00, with extracurricular activities such as readings and tutorials taking place throughout the week, including Saturday mornings.

Two of the two-week courses in Athens will focus on fiction, with one designed specifically for students who are experienced writers and/or have attended the Summer School before. The third two-week course concentrates on non-fiction: creative, journalistic, biographical, autobiographical and/or memoir writing. The four one-week courses may be taken separately or in combination. Each is designed for writers working in a specific genre: fiction, suspense narratives, scriptwriting and poetry.

Two of the courses in Thessaloniki will offer workshops in fiction. A third will centre on non-fiction and the fourth on poetry. These courses may be taken alone or in combination across two weeks.

Courses will be held in English and are suitable for writers at all levels. See below for dates and provisional course details.

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