An aerial view taken on April 12, 2022, shows the city of Mariupol, during Russia's military invasion launched on Ukraine. - Russian troops on April 12 intensified their campaign to take the port city of Mariupol, part of an anticipated massive onslaught across eastern Ukraine, as the Russian president made a defiant case for the war on Russia's neighbour. (Photo by Andrey BORODULIN / AFP) (Photo by ANDREY BORODULIN/AFP via Getty Images)
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The Greek communities of Ukraine and the War: The day when time stopped

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How the war in Ukraine has changed the European security landscape? – Ti Kosmos Podcast!

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Κίνηση εντυπωσιασμού η πυραυλική απειλή Ερντογάν (

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China and the West: Dangerous Liaisons – Ti Kosmos! Podcast

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How Putin’s Potemkin Army is losing his war crimes imprinted war in Ukraine? Professor Richard Shultz – Ti kosmos! Podcast

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Climate change in need of political will change – Ti kosmos! Podcast

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Αμερικανικές ενδιάμεσες εκλογές: Η σημασία τους για την Αμερική και για την Ελλάδα – Ti kosmos! Podcast

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Why the war in Ukraine will not end anytime soon / Γιατί δεν θα τελειώσει σύντομα ο πόλεμος στην Ουκρανία. Ti kosmos! Podcast

UK. London. 12th January 2018

Andrew Testa for the New York Times
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Is democracy in Europe challenged? A discussion with Steven Erlanger – Ti Kosmos! Podcast

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Γιατί ο Ερντογάν είναι εκνευρισμένος; Μία συζήτηση με τον Steven A. Cook στο Ti Kosmos! Podcast

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