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Olympia Summer Academy 2014: July 12 – 23 [Ancient Olympia, Greece]

The 2014 Olympia Summer Academy actively seeks to recruit promising graduate students and practitioners, from around the world, who can benefit from a series of intensive seminars on various aspects of politics and international affairs in today’s world, taught by faculty at the cutting edge of academic research. Situated at the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia in the Greek region of the Western Peloponnese, the Academy has been fostering, since the summer of 2002, a world-class network of knowledge that today spreads from Japan in the east to the Americas in the west and includes some of the most respected universities globally. Interested Ph.D. and other graduate students are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • CYCLE A: Conflict & Political Violence (July 12-23, 2014)
  • CYCLE B: Terrorism & Counterterrorism (July 12-18, 2014)
  • CYCLE C: Religion & International Politics (July 12-18, 2014)
  • CYCLE D: Development Economics & Inclusive Business (July 12-18, 2014)
  • CYCLE E: Maritime Security (July 18-23, 2014)
  • CYCLE F: History & Philosophy of IR (July 18-23, 2014)
  • CYCLE G: Political Risk Analysis (July 18-23, 2014)

For more information on fees, financial aid and how to apply please visit:

or contact:



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