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olympia summer academy 2021 – Leadership and Global Governance Challenges

Olympia Summer Academy
A Special Summer Course
Leadership and Global Governance Challenges
July 7-10, 2021
Athens, Greece

This was the 20th consecutive year of the Olympia Summer Academy, which has managed to thrive, despite the restrictions associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The interest in our course, from both Greece and abroad, remained remarkably high. In total, 40 students from 9 countries attended the course, two of whom were PhD researchers, seven were students studying towards a master’s degree, 25 were undergraduate students and six were high school students who were thrilled to get a glimpse of what it feels to attend demanding, high-level academic lectures. The participants attended 8 sessions, totaling 16 hours of class over four days, taught by 6 professors, three of whom travelled from abroad to teach.

Course Description

The study of global issues is more critical than ever as we are confronted with many pressing and often competing global governance challenges. The decisions that we make in the next few years will determine our collective future and the nature of the 21st century. This course, taught by an interdisciplinary team of academics and practitioners, will provide students with an opportunity to consider the role of leadership and the key global challenges it faces. It is designed to provide the knowledge and attitudes to be engaged and effective members of a globally interdependent society.


• Despina-Ino Afentouli, Program Manager, NATO Public Division.
• Orfeo Fioretos, Associate Professor of Political Science, Temple University, Philadelphia.
• Dimitris Keridis, Professor of International Politics, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences; Director, Olympia Summer Academy.
• Harry Papasotiriou, Professor of International Politics, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences; Director, Institute of International Relations.
• Wolfango Piccoli, Co-president and Director of Research, Teneo Intelligence.
• Betty Tsakarestou, Associate Professor at Panteion University, Dept. of Communication, Media & Culture, Greece, Head of Advertising and PR Lab.

Course Outline

1. History and Theory of Global Governance (Orfeo Fioretos)
2. Leadership and Public Diplomacy Challenges (Ino Afentouli)
3. Varieties of Global Governance (Orfeo Fioretos)
4. Entrepreneurial Public Diplomacy (Betty Tsakarestou)
5. The Trajectory of American Global Leadership (Harry Papasotiriou)
6. European Leadership in a Post-Brexit Europe (Dimitris Keridis)
7. Populism, Democracy and Governance: Lessons from Turkey, 2001-2021(Wolfango Piccoli)
8. Leadership and Risk Governance in a Pandemic World (Wolfango Piccoli)

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