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Olympia Summer Academy | July 7-16, 2019

The Olympia Summer Academy was established in 2002 with the dual purpose of creating a forum for high quality academic work and a platform for the creation and consolidation of international scholarly networks of cooperation.

Since its establishment 18 years ago, the Academy has continued growing both in size, quality, diversity and reputation. Indeed, the Academy, which started with one cycle only, now offers six cycles of studies. It has acquired a stellar reputation, thanks to not only its high academic standards but also because of its distinct identity that blends effectively the scholarly exchange with the friendly atmosphere. In other words, the Academy provides its students with the opportunity of a multicultural and holistic academic experience, within a setting of stunning beauty and rich history. The same goes for the faculty itself that benefits enormously from the dialogue and cooperation that develops both within and outside the classroom.

As of 2014, the Academy is co-organized with the European International Studies Association (EISA). The 2019 Academy was held in Nafplion, Greece, from July 7 to 16, attracting 18 professors and 107 qualified participations (including professionals) from 28 countries.

The 2019 Academy was an eight working-day high-level teaching experience. The cycles of studies that comprised the Academy were:

    Conflict & Political Violence (8 working days)

    Terrorism and European Security (8 working days)

    Democratic vs Authoritarian Capitalism (4 working days)

    The Making and Unmaking of the Modern Middle East (4 working days)

    Remaking Europe at a time of crisis (4 working days)

    Political Risk Analysis (4 working days)

The Academy prides itself for its ability to attract each year, from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond, a faculty at the cutting edge of academic research. The 2019 OSA faculty comprised of the following academics and experts:

The Academy prides itself for its ability to attract, each year and from both sides of the Atlantic, a faculty at the cutting edge of academic research. The 2019 OSA faculty comprised of the following academics and experts:

1.         Javier Argomaniz, University of St Andrews, UK

2.         Kristin Bakke, University College London, UK

3.         Antonio Barroso, Teneo Intelligence, UK

4.         Richard English, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

5.         Kristin Fabbe, Harvard Business School, USA

6.         Orfeo Fioretos, Temple University, USA

7.         Andreas Gofas, Panteion University, Greece

8.         Stathis Kalyvas, University of Oxford, UK

9.         Dimitris Keridis, Panteion University, Greece

10.       Paschalis M. Kitromilides, University of Athens, Greece

11.       Eran Lerman, The Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security, Israel

12.       Lukáš Macek, Sciences Po Dijon, France

13.       Soli Özel, Kadir Has University, Turkey

14.       Harry Papasotiriou, Panteion University, Greece

15.       Leonid Peisakhin, NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE

16.       Wolfango Piccoli, Teneo Intelligence, UK

17.       Petros Sekeris, Montpellier Business School, France

18.       George Tzogopoulos, Begin Sadat Center, Israel

The students of the Academy are selected through a very competitive process, from a pool of hundreds of candidates, and constitute an important component in its overall success. With their rich and varied backgrounds and thanks to the highly interactive nature of classes, the students form strong intellectual and personal bonds, which continue long after the courses. Many of the students of the Academy follow illustrious academic careers themselves and have come back to teach at the Academy or send their own students to attend the Academy.

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